05 October 2010


         --Purgatorio, Canto 13
We remember with a bright diamond sheen,
The feeling of late sunlight on our faces,
The laundry snap of wind against our foreheads,
The quiet assurance of cotton, wool, leather.
On this island where all songs shake deep,
Where prayers have less far to go,
Where circles move us up,
Calypso could never dream.
But we dream always, into the real,
Dreams where love has a full body,
Good deeds are eternal, where
Our blindness introduces the world
For the first time, really, to know
This our camp on this cliff, holding
One another, knowing love has a body,
Deeds have matter. Tear-shaped threads holding
Our lids together as we hold us all
Together. Blinded lest we look
Up. Starved and thirsted lest we look
In. Forgetting for a long while
Us. Looking out, blind and beholden.

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