01 October 2010


I am rushing to tie up
this syllabus on suffering
and the book of job and
modern fiction by Catholic (haha)
women, but I need to scan
Job and send it out to the students
so they have it (haha) for the first
class and we can read it together.
But my scanner won’t work, I’ve
done myself in by upgrading the
operating system without the
All-In-One printer’s permission,
and so I must find a driver, cyber
patches, and yes, now I’ve got it but
it’s loading real slow I don’t have
a slow computer, I pride myself on
being up-to-date, but what’s this?
It’s loading languages, all languages
man a gotta (Finnish) get a move, I
put it off too (Arabic) long enjoying
summer when it finally (Korean) came
after two months of the Northwest’s
(Portuguese) Junuary I mean the whole
world’s crowding into this program
all the languages that no one (Mandarin)

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