01 October 2010

U 'n Me in '63, A Found Poem

down at papa joe’s, down the aisle
drag city, drip drop;
drownin’ my sorrows easier said than

The end of the world, every step of the way
everybody—everybody—loves a lover falling
Fingertips part
Two first quarrel follow
The boys, foolish little girl, fools
rush in for your precious love.

Forget him, Frankie & Johnnie: girls
grow up faster than boys.
Go away, Little Girl The Good Life, goodnight.
My love, the grass is greener, green, green, green-
back dollar.

The Gypsy cried, “Harry, the hairy ape,
have you heard?  He’s so fine.”

Heat wave, hello
heartache, goodbye
love, hello
Muddah, hello
Fadduh, hello
Stranger hey.

Little cobra, hey
Little girl.
Hitchhike Honolulu
Lulu Hooka took a

Hopeless hot pastrami
with mashed potatoes:  Hotel happiness.

(I who have nothing, I
adore him.  I can’t stay:
mad at you.  I got
what I wanted, I got
ta dance to keep
from crying.  I have
a boyfriend I love
because I love, I love
you don’t
you forget it.
I wanna be around!
I want to stay here! I will
follow him I wish
I were a princess.
I wonder, I wonder—what?
She’s doing

I’ll take you home;
I’m leaving it all up
to you.

If I had a hammer,
If my pillow could talk
If you need me
If you wanna be happy—in dreams.

In my room, it’s all
in the game, it’s al-
right, it’s my party, Judy’s.

Turn to cry, killer joe
(the kind of boy you can’t forget, laughing boy).
Let’s go!
Steady again, let’s limbo
let’s turkey trot.

Letter from Sherry: 
Little band of gold, little deuce coup, little red rooster,
living a lie (loddy lo!) losing you (louie louie):
Love makes the world go ‘round.
The love of my man, a love
she can count on, a love so fine,
make the world go away.
Mama didn’t lie,

The Martian hop mean, woman.
Blues Mecca, Mickey’s monkey midnight Mary
Misty mockingbird, the monkey time.
Mr Bass, man, my boyfriend’s back,
my summer love?  my true confession.
My whole world is falling down.

to belong new,
Mexican Rose, the nitty gritty no one.
On broadway, on top of
Spaghetti One broken heart
for sale one fine day
(only in America!)

Our day
will come out of my mind,
over the mountain painted:
tainted rose part, time love please.

Don’t talk.
To the lifeguard, poor little rich girl,
popsicles and icicles, pretty paper
pride and joy, prisoner of love, proud puff.

The magic dragon push over quicksand,
Red sails.
In the sunset, remember Diana;
remember then, Reverend Mr. Black.

Rhythm of the rain, ring of fire ruby,
baby Sally go
‘round the roses sandy.
Saturday night, send me some lovin’
(shake shake shake).
She’s a fool.

The shelter of your arms shut down;
shutters and boards since I fell for you.
Six days
on the road so much
in love somewhere.
South Street
stewball still.
String along sugar shack,
sukiyaki surf
city surfer
girl surfin’
bird surfin’
U.S.A. swinging.

On a star , take these chains.
From my heart, talk back.
Trembling lips, talk to me, tell him
(that lucky old sun, that Sunday, that summer)
“That’s how heartaches are made.  That’s the way
Love is.”

he kissed me there.” I’ve said it.
Again, this little girl? Those
lazy, hazy, crazy days
of summer?  Tie me,
Kangaroo down;
Sport till then today.

I met the boy.
I’m gonna marry Tom Cat
(tra la la la).
Suzy, true love never runs smooth;
turn around twenty four hours,
from Tulsa, twenty miles;
twist it up two faces.

Have I two tickets to paradise?
Wait ‘till my Bobby gets home.
Walk like a man?
Walk right in?
A walkin’ miracle!
Walking proud?
walking the dog?
What kind of fool,
what will Mary say?
(“What’s so easy for two
is so hard for one, when
the lovelight starts shining”)
whispering, “Why do lovers break each other’s heart?”
Why don’t you believe me wild?” Wild!

Wood days, witchcraft without love—
there is nothing.
Wives and lovers, wonderful summer—
wonderful wonderful.

Workout Stevie,
Workout you
can never stop.

Me loving you?
You can’t sit down!
(you don’t have to,
be a baby to)

Cry, “You don’t own me!
You lost the sweetest boy!
You’re the devil in disguise!
You’re the reason!

I’m living young
and in love, young.
“Lovers” (your old standby)

Your other love,
your used to be.

[taken on-line from the West Anchorage High School Class of 1963’s songlist of the top hits of ‘63.  By the way, my brother really hates this; if a lot of other people do too, I'll take it off]

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