31 August 2011

Renaissance Studies 2011 Fall

Renaissance Studies Autumn 2011
ENG351 Professor Mead
Class Schedule (Subject to Change)
30 T Introduction
1 R Sir Thomas Wyatt, pp. 107-113
6 T Sir Thomas Wyatt, pp. 107-113
8 R Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, pp. 116-120.
13 T Samuel Daniel & Michael Drayton, pp. 126-7.
15 R Lady Jane Grey pp. 130-137
20 T The Fairie Queene, Book 1. pp. 137-225. Canto 1
22 R Cantos 2 & 3 Analysis of Sonnet 4-5pp.
27 T Cantos 4 & 5
29 R Cantos 6 & 7
4 T Cantos 8 & 9
6 R Cantos 10 & 11
11 T Canto 12
18 T Dr. Faustus Analysis of a Canto 8-10 pp.
20 R Dr. Faustus
25 T Dr. Faustus
27 R Volpone
1 T Volpone
3 R Volpone
8 T The Duchess of Malfi
10 R The Duchess of Malfi
15 T The Duchess of Malfi
17 R John Donne, pp. 662-688
22 T John Donne, pp. 662-688 Toward a New Definition of Heroism 10 pp.
29 T Robert Herrick
1 R George Herbert
6 T John Milton, “Lycidas” and sonnets.
8 R Evaluations. Imitation of Renaissance Sonnet.
Required Text: The Broadview Anthology of British Literature: The Renaissance and the Seventeenth
Century, (Vol. 2) Second Edition. Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview P, 2010.

Because this class is so small, much of our information will be exchanged in the classroom, but in brief:
Attendance: Required. More than two absences will lower your final grade.
Text: Required, bring to every class.
Notes: I will ask to check your notebooks once or twice a semester, to be sure you are learning.
Classes: Students are as responsible for planning each class as the instructor is.
Time will be evenly divided among each student and the instructor.
Papers: MLA format, submitted with two earlier drafts. I’m looking for provocative theses,
close readings, thorough analysis, strong paragraphing, and adequate library research.
Grades: Participation: 25%. Sonnet Paper: 10%. Canto Paper: 25%. Hero Paper 25%.
Sonnet Imitation 15%.
Office Hours: 312B. tel. 438-4336. smead@stmartin.edu
MWF: 10-12, TR: 8:30-9:30, (11-1)*
*( I sometimes have meetings during these two hours)
Visit http://stephenxmead.blogspot.com/ for handouts, syllabi, etc.

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