26 March 2012

Secondary Source Work Sheet

Here's a useful tool to help you organize and conceptualize your outside sources for research papers.  Fill out one for each source and you can use this to set up your Works Cited pages, submit as draft materials with your final paper, and learn the different ways sources can enrich your written work.
Author _______________________
Title     __________________________________________________
Journal or Press ____________________________
Check peer-review?  ___________                 Page numbers ___________
City __________________________      Volume _______________  Year _______________
Source’s thesis _______________________________________________________________
Source’s methodology _________________________________________________________
I will use this source to            support my argument               ___
                                                challenge my argument            ___
                                                locate my argument                 ___
                                                inform my methodology          ___
                                                inform my argument                ___
                                                argue against                            ___
Passages from source that I will quote, paraphrase, or address (include page #s):


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  1. This is great! It's much more guided than an annotated bibliography, which is what I've got my students doing. And guidance seems to be what first-year writers need. Do you require the students to fill one out for each source, or is it just encouraged?


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