07 October 2010

Cool Things I Learned From My Students About Dante and the "Pearl"Poet

“[The Pearl Maiden tells her father] he will be disappointed forever if his object of joy is anything but God.”  --Jordan Lettau

“[The Pearl Maiden] is frustrated that [the Dreamer] turns her death, which was a good thing for her, into a bad thing.”  --Janey Schell

“Both Dante the Pilgrim and our Dreamer are two mortal human beings who are trying, and failing miserably, to relate to women who have transcended the material realm.”  --Jonathan Frady

“When people are told what they want to hear, they do not learn anything.”  Audrey Olsen

“[The Dreamer’s] ‘quest,’ in the literal sense, is a quest for his daughter.  But in another sense, it is a quest to find himself.”  --Tom Barlow

“Men find God through their love for women, for in learning to love a woman, a man opens his heart to loving God and becomes receptive to Divine Love, which is the loves that saves.”  --Christina Berring
[gleaned from papers at the end of term Spring 2008]

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