26 December 2010

Shame the Devil

“I lost twenty-five pounds of plagiarized papers last semester following this one, weird trick!”

After more than a few decades of rehashing my plagiarism statement, and after watching several very scary news programs on what is politely referred to as “academic dishonesty,” I have shifted my perspective on plagiarism: no longer will I explain what it means or why it is bad; I’m just going to try and make it really hard for you to pull it off.

Now, we just have a simple rule for every written assignment you hand in.

The Simple Rule

All papers must be submitted in a cardboard folder with at least two earlier drafts of the final paper. These drafts must illustrate your writing process from the free-write stage to the penultimate, pre-polished versions. If I suspect the paper is not original, you will explain how I am mistaken by analyzing what the drafts show about the growth of your idea.

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