01 February 2012

Great War Select Bibliography

World War I Bibliography

There are thousands of books and articles about the Great War. The books listed below may be useful for beginning your research. The books can be found in the SMU, TESC and/or WSL libraries, others can be ordered through SUMMIT.

Title Author-Library
All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Remarque—SMU, TESC
Angel of Mons, The David Clarke
Armageddon Revisited Amos N. Wilder
Battle of the Somme Gerald Glidden
Battle Tactics of the Western Front Paddy Griffith
Bitter Truth, A Richard Cork-TESC
Castle of Steel Robert K. Massie
Company K (N) William March
Concise History of World War 1, A Esposito, Vincent, ed.
Dare Call It Treason Edward Watt-WSL
Death’s Men: Soldiers of the Great War Denis Winter
Donkeys, The Alan Clark-WSL
Doughboys, The Laurence Stallings—TESC, WSL
Dreadnough Robert K. Massie
Experience of WWI, The J. M. Winter—SMU, WSL
Face of Battle, The John Keegan-WSL, TESC
First Day at the Somme Martin Middlebrook
First World War, The John Keegan
First World War as Political Tragedy, The Stevenson, David
For the Sake of Example: Capital Court Martial Anthony Babington
Gallipoli Robert Rhodes James—SMU
German High Command at War Robert Asprey—TESC
Good Soldier Svejk, The Jaroslav Hasek-TESC
Goodbye to all That, Robert Graves--SMU
Great Departure, The Daniel M. Smith
Great War, The Cyril Falls
Great War: 1914-1918, The Marc Ferro
Great War: An Imperial History John H. Morrow, Jr.
Great War in Africa, The Byron Farwell
Great War and Modern Memory, The Paul Fussell—SMU
Great War and the British People J.M. Winters – TESC
Great War Reader James Hannah
Great War at Sea, The 1914-1918 Richard Hough-WSL
Guns of August, The Barbara Tuchman—SMU
How the First World War Began Edmond McCullough
Illusion of Victory, The Thomas Fleming
In Flanders Fields Leon Wolff—SMU, TESC
Imperial Germany and the Great War: 1914-18 Roger Chickering
Isonzo: The Forgotten Sacrifice John R. Schindler.
Johnny Got his Gun Dalton Trumbo
Jutland Costello and Hughes-WSL
Jutland: 1916 Nigel Steel, et. al.
Knights of the Air Ezra Bowen—WSL
Laws of War, The Ed. Howard, et all—TESC
Lusitania, The Patrick Osullivan
Lusitania Disaster, The Bailey and Ryan-WSL, TESC
Memoirs of George Sherston, The Siegfried Sassoon
Memoirs of an Infantry Officer Siegfried Sassoon-TESC
Naval Battles of the First World War Geoffrey Bennett
Origins of the First World War James Joll—TESC,WSL
Origins of the World War, 2 volumes Sidney B. Fay-SMU
Over There Byron Farwell
Over There Frank Friedel—TESC, WSL
Paris 1919 Margaret MacMillan
Passchendaele: The Untold Story Robin Prior & Trevor Wilson
Paths of Glory Humphrey Cobb-SMU
Peace to End All Peace David Fromkin-WSL, TESC
Penguin Poetry of the First World War John Silkin--SMU
Price of Glory, The Alistair Horne—TESC
Real War, The 1914-1918 Hart Liddell-WSL
Regeneration, Eye in the Door and the Ghost
Road, a trilogy about World War 1 Pat Barker
Rites of Spring Modris Eksteins—SMU, WSL
Road to Verdun Ian Ousby
Roses of No Mans Land Lyn MacDonald
Siegfried Sassoon Diaries ed. Rupert Hart-Davis, TESC, WSL
Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning J. M. Winter - SMU, TESC
Silent Night Stanley Weintraub
Soldier’s Notebook, A 1914-1918 A. A. Brusilov-WSL
Somme, The G. D. Sheffield
Somme, The Lyn MacDonald-WSL
Somme, The Robin Prior and Trevor Wilson
Storm in Flanders Winston Groom
Storms of Steel Ernst Junger-WSL
Tannenberg Geoffrey Evans-WSL
Testament of Youth, Vera Brittain—WSL, TESC
Three Soldiers John dos Passos
Tolkien and the Great War John Garth
Under Fire-The Story of a Squad Henri Barbusse-TESC
Understanding the Great War Stephane Audoin-Rouzeau
Undertones of War Edmunc Bluinden
Voices from the Great War Peter Vansittart—TESC
War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon ed. Rupert Hart-Davis - TESC, WSL
With the Armies of the Tsar Florence Farmborough
World Crisis, The Winston Churchill—WSL

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