29 February 2012

Thesis-Paragraphing Edit Sheet

Edit Paper #3

Editor __________________ Author____________________

Concentrate today on THESIS and PARAGRAPHING. Try to spend at least half your time hammering out , specifying, polishing, and developing your author’s thesis statement and introductory paragraph. Spend the second half of class identifying the topic sentences of each paragraph and making sure they explicitly advance the paper’s central argument.

Write out the thesis statement as it appears in the first paragraph.

How is it an argument?

How is it provocative?

How is it interpretive?

How does understanding that _________________challenge the obvious interpretations of the literature?

What EXACTLY is the methodology?

How EXACTLY does the author use her or his secondary sources?

How many instances of close reading are there?

Underline the first sentence of each paragraph and write “1SR” beside the sentences that do not follow the First Sentence Rule. Rewrite one of those sentences below and correct it.

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